Friday, July 9, 2010

The New Freshness

This is my blog. I am hoping this is the last 'me-centric' post I make here, so if you've followed a link I've placed somewhere else, feel confident that this will not be full of posts such as "Gee, I really like Chee-tos." or lists of regrets that I may or may not have, etc.

I often have issues I wish to write letters to the government about. I also often have short stories in my head that I should write down. Sometimes I come up with comedy sketch ideas. All will go here (and are copyright now by me, so neener neener pumpkin eater).

This is my 'creative outlet'. That name was taken, so I looked in a Thesaurus for antonyms to the word 'original'. Hackneyed is a good word. Already taken. Slap peas on the end for a not-so-witty pop culture reference and consider the job done.

The goal here is to post something daily. If I post more than daily, I can take a day off. As I make the rules, I may change them. Regardless, let the games begin. I am guessing three days before I forget about this project.

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